Work with ULD

So how can ULD help you get unstuck? It may be a quick fix, short-term solution to a challenge which only takes a day, or it may be a particularly sticky problem which may need a whole year to fix. Whatever you want to do, ULD can accommodate! Below are some examples of short-term and long-term solution pathways.  You may want to tackle pedagogy, technology, learning observation, assessment, learning spaces or higher order thinking, whatever it is we can help you define it and tackle it! While our examples may focus on learning in a school context, the processes are equally valid when transforming your business, not-for-profit or start-up organisation.

 Quick fix -
Example Professional Learning Day
 Needs time  -
Example  Semester engagement
The works! - Example
Our school needs some inspiration to boost our work on formative assessment...

ULD can provide a bespoke professional learning day with a focus on formative assessment. Starting with a short talk would set the scene and answer the question "Why formative assessment?". Drawing on evidence, research, best and next practice, we would aim to make participants think.
The ensuing, hands-on workshops would focus on building powerful pedagogical practices which are immediately applicable. ULD would also take into account your digital learning platform and ensure, whether you are BYOD, fully managed, in the cloud or on a server, that teachers and learners can see how technology can best be leveraged for powerful formative assessment. 

This day would be followed up by a 3 & 6 month check-in with you to see how implementation is going and offer further support. 

 Our school is moving to a new digital learning platform and we want to make the most of 1:1 devices ...

ULD can support you in designing systems and pedagogy which make digital learning an integrated part of what you do. Starting with a "leadership" workshop, we would develop a strategic approach to ensure all teachers achieve a minimum baseline understanding of some core pedagogical practices and how 1:1 technology access can enhance learning. 

ULD would then support you in auditing the pedagogical and technological understanding of your teachers through surveys, focus groups and importantly lesson observations.

Bespoke training would be provided to your digital leaders (Leadership Team, Heads of Department, Student Leaders) to ensure that there was always support available and a personalised professional learning programme would be put in place to support your teachers.

This could range from 3 - 8 days working together across a semester with on-demand support during the contract period. 
 Our organisation needs to completely revamp our approach to the way we do things...

ULD will help you build on both best and next practice in learning, technology and design thinking, bringing research, experience and extensive knowledge networks to help you transform practice in your learning organisation. 

We will use the design thinking process as the basis for engaging all members of your learning community in transforming learning. By defining your aspirational goals and working closely with ULD, the process will be evidence based, transformative and inclusive. 

Essentially, ULD will walk with you as support and challenge on your path to transformative change. 

This process will take place over a semester or a year with 8 -12 (or more) days of face-to-face support  with on-demand support during the contract period.