#nextpractice Webinars

I am delighted to be able to host and present free #nextpractice webinars on behalf of Google for Education. The webinars are hosted on Hangouts on Air which means that we can have live audience interaction in the form of "applause" and the Q&A app. We work hard to find people who are helping to design great learning with a specific focus on the role of Google Apps for Education technology and to highlight not only best practice, but especially #nextpractice.

Below you will find the registration links to upcoming webinars, as well as the video of past webinars. Please register if you are interested as the number of registrations is a valuable metric to measure the impact and value of these free webinars. Enjoy!

 Date        Theme    Registration / Archive
7pm AEST
 Join Sarah and Marisa as they explore #nextpractice in building student collaboration around some of the core Google Apps for Education. You will learn how to use Docs to support differentiation in the primary classroom (and elsewhere) by developing ‘Learning Menus’ which promote differentiation and student engagement through flexible and interactive learning paths. 

You will learn how to create a slide presentation adding photospheres, YouTube clips, pictures and text. View, edit and comment with your peers in real time as well as using Google Slides to create a 'Choose your own adventure' narrative.
You will also learn how to create learning activities in Forms with a variety of media. Include photos and videos for rich and varied learning material.
7pm AEST
 How can you bring coding into your classroom? This webinar will explore how Google Apps for Education and resources and initiatives developed or supported by Google can support the implementation of coding and computational thinking in the classroom. To provide inspiration and ideas, we will also draw on examples of how teachers are incorporating coding and computational thinking into the classroom to provide meaningful and integrated learning opportunities. At the end of the webinar you will leave with a variety of resources to begin or continue coding in the classroom as well as resources to continue your professional learning.
Presented by Dr Rebecca Vivian
7pm AEST
 Want to find out more about Google Apps for Education (GAFE) and how they can support learners struggling with the literacy requirements of school? If your students can access GAFE, they can access a range of apps, extensions and add-ons to support their diverse learning needs - anywhere, anytime. Let's dive in and see how the cloud has just got better for our learners struggling with reading, writing, research skills and staying focused.

Presented by Greg O'Connor
7pm AEST
 This webinar will explore the power of Google Apps for Education and other online technologies in enhancing language learning. Whilst the examples will be in French and Spanish, the    concepts will be equally applicable to other languages. We will specifically focus on technologies for enhancing listening, reading, writing and speaking and encouraging learners to engage with authentic target language material. 

Presented by Chris Harte
7pm AEST
 So we listened to your requests around #nextpractice and the poll told us you were interested in seeing examples of #nextpractice communities (17% of the vote) #nextpractice organisation with GAFE (17% of the vote) and #nextpractice inquiry (61% of the vote). We are delighted to be sharing examples of using Google Apps for Education and other technologies around these three themes.
7pm AEST
 How do we identify #nextpractice in the use of technology in learning? Can we take the SAMR model to look at both best practice and #nextpractice using Google Apps for Education? Well, we think so! This webinar will provide some wonderful examples of educators who are working on a daily basis in best practice and innovating next practice. By the end of the webinar you will have seen numerous examples of using GAFE to augment, modify and redefine learning in schools.