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www.lucidchart.comSo you want to play with Google Apps for Education? Have a go at some of the tasks associated with each app. If you get stuck, try Googling it...

 Google App  Tasks
Docs and Presentations

  •  Create a document
  • Change the name of your document
  • Share that document with someone, giving them full editing rights
  • Share that document with someone, giving them comment only rights
  • Add a comment to your document (include +name to tag someone directly)
  • Open the research tool and cite some research
  • Insert an image with a Google search
  • Crop an image
  •  Create a new Form
  • Add 3 different question types
  • Add an image
  • Change the message you received after having completed the form
  • Send the form to someone
  • Open the resulting spreadsheet and add a filter to the data

  •  Create a mindmap of a topic
  • Create a flowchart to show a system at school
  • Add collaborators to your work
Chrome and extensions
  • Try pinning your most used tabs for ease of access on Chrome
  •  Try using the voice search feature in Chrome
  • Go back to the presentation and add some extensions to your Chrome account
Fusion Tables
  •  Create a fusion table using public data (try earthquakes)
  • Create a map of your data
  • Create a chart of your data
YouTube Editor
  •  Use your phone/tablet/webcam to video some short clips
  • Upload your clips to YouTube
  • Use YouTube editor to put them together with music
Google Drawing
  •  Create an infographic showing data about your school
  • Create a time line