Design Sprint

So we are going to focus on a challenge, immerse ourselves in what we do and do not know about it, generate some ideas, build a prototype and present our idea back to our colleagues in 70 minutes...

 Challenge Statements
From the below challenge statements, choose the one that most interests you. Feel free to change and do your own. This statement will be the basis of your Design Sprint.

How might we best...Collaborate with colleagues
  • Provide rapid, helpful feedback and feedforward
  • Improve the assessment process
  • Enhance literacy skills
  • Engage parents
  • Allow learners to learn at their own pace
  • Connect beyond the classroom
  • Promote classroom discussion
  • Improve professional learning
  • Allow all learners to have a voice

Ok, so what do we know about this? You can always gather together your thoughts on post-its and paper, or you could try using
Get as much down as you can, your thought, what you know to be a fact and any questions you have.
Create an affinity diagram by grouping your post-its and giving them a title.
What new connections or understanding have you made?
Come up with a “How might we..?” statement.

Example: How might we better collaborate with colleagues
using GAFE?
In a spreadsheet or on a piece of paper, generate 100 ideas in 10 minutes to meet your challenge. No judgements, just get them down!

(quantity first then quality = qualantity)
Using any materials you have, a Google Drawing, a Presentation, whatever, create a prototype with which you will be able to communicate your idea.
(high vs low fidelity)
 Presentation and Critique
Each group is going to present their idea to the rest of us and take some kind, specific and helpful critique “)