Going Google Workshop

Every child, young person and adult has the right to learn at a level which is accessible yet challenging and includes elements of choice over content, process or both. Unfortunately, some of our traditional models of education either fail to personalise learning at all or put the onus on educators to provide differentiated resources and activities for different groups of children. Whilst the former is unacceptable and the latter challenging, there is a developing understanding that by providing the correct learning environment (both physical and emotional), evidenced based teaching practices, the right people and enabling technologies, we can in fact empower learners to personalise their educational experience for themselves. Google Apps for Education is a platform which removes some of the traditional barriers to learning and allows people to collaborate, learn from each other and express themselves creatively. Google Apps provides a seamless experience of living, working and learning in a digital world. From finding and accessing the best resources available on the planet, creating images, documents, slides and spreadsheets together, gathering learner voice through forms or publishing work to a community or the whole world through YouTube. Moreover, for learners who are remote or struggle to keep themselves organised, the features in Google Apps Calendar, Mail and Drive allow teachers and learners to organise themselves and each other!

This hands-on workshop will include

  • an overview of Google Apps for Education
  • an introduction to Chrome, extensions and web apps
  • a hands on experience of creating and collaborating with Google Apps
  • tons of practical examples and resources
  • an opportunity to connect with other passionate educators, learn and create together

This is a BYOD workshop and in order to get the most out of it, it is recommended that participants have a Chromebook or laptop with the Chrome browser and a Google account.


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